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Wurood Camp
The University of Sheffield, M.Eng Chemical Engineering w/ a Year in Industry

INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 28th June 2017 – 1st September 2017

Jacob-NgAfter learning about the internship opportunity offered at GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd. through my internship company S360 Interns, I knew that the company was exactly what I was looking for! I didn’t know what to expect from moving to Singapore for 2 months and a different work culture, but I am so glad that I accepted the opportunity and the internship offer!

At first, I didn’t know what to expect from being a Project Coordinating Intern and I realised that although the overall scope of a project could be compared to my previous university projects, the biggest difference was the associated time scale for each project. I was so used to a group project lasting around 1-2 weeks at university, and it was only until this internship that I realised in the real world of work, project timescales are significantly greater.

During this GIANTECH Engineering Internship, I was able to strengthen and develop my management, research and organizational skills through curating content for the Gnowbe training application; through the use of maker’s manuals, SOPs and engineer interviews. I also further developed my presentation skills through conducting workshop sessions with the engineers, while actively participating in meetings with outside stakeholders, and ensuring effective management of my time towards the project.

Being a GIANTECH Intern has been an amazing learning curve and I really appreciate all of the support and feedback from all of the GIANTECH Engineering team! This internship has been a memorable experience and a special thank you to my lovely immediate supervisor Lisa Auld for making this experience even more enjoyable! Thank you GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd. for having me and I really recommend a GIANTECH Engineering internship to everyone!


Tay Li Ying

INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 20 June 2017 – 18 Aug 2017

Jacob-NgAs one who often heard about Singapore’s premier position in the marine industry, I could not be more excited when I clinched an internship at GIANTECH Engineering. Not only did this internship allow me to gain a deeper understanding of the role of after-sales support for vessels, it also gave me an opportunity to develop my professional skillset as a marketing assistant.

Apart from the occasional admin work, which was expected of interns, I really appreciate how my immediate supervisor, Cheryl, individualised the entire experience for me. For example, I was given the opportunity to research, share and implement a new marketing technique because I was curious to find out how companies increased market share.

The realism of my work reinforced my notion of responsibility. When it hit me that the marketing materials I drafted had real deadlines to meet and implicated real stakeholders, I realised that fulfilling my job was no longer just about ticking something off my to-do list, but about putting in my best for the company.  

The realism of my work reinforced my notion of responsibility. When it hit me that the marketing materials I drafted had real deadlines to meet and implicated real stakeholders, I realised that fulfilling my job was no longer just about ticking something off my to-do list, but about putting in my best for the company.  J 

Jacob Ng
Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering

INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 6 March 2017 – 13 April 2017

Jacob-NgThe first working/internship experience of my life was at GIANTECH Engineering. Being the only child in the family, I was in many cases overprotected and shielded away from the harsh reality of independence. Having said that, I was definitely nervous and anxious, even sick to the stomach when I discovered I was posted to GIANTECH for my internship. I did not know what to expect from my co-workers and boss; whether my work standards would meet up with their expectations.

When I came to the GIANTECH office on my first day, little did I know I had worried for nothing! From the moment my colleagues streamed in to the office one by one, they took notice of me and got to know me. I was relieved. I would like to thank my colleagues, these bunch of wonderful friends that I have made in GIANTECH, for taking such good care of me! Bringing me out to many places for lunch, giving me treats and making my work environment so fun and comfortable.

For 5 weeks, I worked in the sales and marketing department under Cheryl. With no prior knowledge or skills in the field, I became worried once again that I would not be able to accomplish the tasks assigned to me. Thankfully, the work that I was tasked to do was manageable and in some parts enjoyable. My last week was spent working on oxygen analyser panels and switch boxes with the engineers. The hands-on experience was really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed myself while assembling and building these products. I even applied certain technical skills which I have learnt from school when doing these projects. I would like to thank my supervisors for being so patient and nice with me, especially when teaching and guiding me along my tasks!

Finally, I would like to thank all my colleagues once more for their amazing care and love that they have showered unto me. All of you are such nice and good individuals with wonderful families and backgrounds. I have really learnt so much from this experience working in GIANTECH Engineering. Thank you for making my FIRST internship experience such a memorable and wonderful one! May God bless all of you and I hope to see you soon!


Sebastian Gao

INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 4 July 2016 – 24 August 2016

I experienced my first internship during the summer of 2016 at GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd. Entering the real world with no technical knowledge or experience with engineering, I felt scared, overwhelmed and nervous, asking myself many questions. I wondered, “What if I make a mistake? What if I don’t have enough time to finish? Am I not contributing or doing enough?”

As time progressed through my internship, all those thoughts faded. The welcoming, warm and friendly environment from the colleagues made my experience such a blast! Assigned to work on numerous projects, I really learned a great deal, ranging from doing research and making presentations that were essential to teach others to attending important meetings. In addition, I really admired the level of support given in the form on not only being praised for my work ethic and performance, but also providing feedback about the things I could improve on.

All that I’ve taken away from this internship with GIANTECH will be extremely beneficial to my studies and my work in the future. I thank GIANTECH and everyone there for providing me this fantastic opportunity!


Xinyi Ang

Xinyi AngINTERNSHIP PERIOD: 9th May 2016 - 16th July 2016 

As a humanities student with completely no marine, engineering or business-related knowledge, I have grown so much with this summer internship experience at GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd. The business and marketing knowledge I have accrued through this experience is priceless and I am glad I managed to learn those in just 10 weeks.

At GIANTECH, apart from the exposure to the marine industry, opportunities to learn are aplenty and interns are given the chance to propose their own ideas as well as perspectives to the management. A prime example of the exposure GIANTECH offered me was giving me the chance to attend meetings with investors and even external vendors. These were chances I appreciate a lot and had not expected from being merely an intern at a company. I was pleasantly surprised at the efforts by the management team in ensuring that interns do not just do administrative work, but really learn from the experience.

Like the other interns previously who loved the colleagues and environment, I truly enjoyed my internship at this company filled with warmth and I treasure all the relationships I have forged throughout the endeavor. I remain thankful to every single individual I have met during my internship and all the best guys! <3


Michelle Lim Ru Yu Michelle Lim Ru Yu

INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 7 March 2016 — 16 April 2016 

Recognized as a trustworthy partner in both competitive spares and reliable after-sales provider and a global representation of IG and N2 makers in the marine industry, I am more than grateful to be an intern at GIANTECH ENGINEERING PTE LTD (formerly known as GOH IGS & AUTOMATION PTE LTD).

As a one-stop service provider in maintenance and overhauling services for the vessels, I understand the importance of every team member’s contribution in the company. Being a business development intern, I gained deep insights about the key aspects of repair services in the marine industry and how business development skills could play a vital role in improving these services.

One of the best moments here in this company definitely was with the co-workers. I still vividly remember how the first two weeks of my job coincides with the new brand launch preparation and how everything seemed to happened so quickly and everyone so busy in their respective field. Though the busiest, we had fun after during the celebration and even during the exhibition itself. It was truly an eye-opener for me to be present at the biannual Asia Pacific Maritime exhibition because only the best and people from within the industry were invited to this event.

If I were to be given another chance all over again, I’ll still choose this company because I believed no other company could provide me with these much opportunities and learning experiences in such a short period of time. Thank you for deepening my insights within the marine industry and further honing my soft skills for the future world and interests as a future marine engineer.

I wish for this company nothing but the best and may the future interns enjoy their time here as much just like I have did. I did not expect much when I first enter, but I left with so much more. All the best to GIANTECH and may your company and team of dedicated workers succeed in every way.


Oliver Chong Zhi LongOliver Chong

INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 7 March 2016 — 16 April 2016 

During my internship at GIANTECH, previously known as GOH IGS & AUTOMATION, I worked with both the marketing and engineering departments.

I have learnt a great deal from both departments in a well-balanced work atmosphere between work and leisure, improving my 3D designing in the engineering department while learning more about quotations of the various spare parts for the systems that GIANTECH represented. While both departments gave me important tasks to complete, the workload was just right with very little stress, with great colleagues and superiors.

In conclusion, this internship gave me a lot of new experiences and I would recommend a GIANTECH internship to everyone!



INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 14 December 2015 — 9 January 2016 

Having my very first internship at GIA, it was a very rewarding and enriching experience. I learnt a lot of things related to the marine industry which is a really new industry for me because I have always dealt with consumer goods before. Being exposed to a lot of projects as a business development intern, I developed my marketing knowledge and business skills throughout this short winter internship.

GIA has a warm and supportive working environment, with all of the colleagues in the company really close to each other. This is also one of the things that I value the most about my internship at GIA. I treasure the friendships I forged with my colleagues during my time as an intern. I even had the opportunity to learn and work on a project with the director directly. It is a rare experience that I truly cherish.

This winter internship at GIA provided me with valuable hands-on experience as well as a better idea about what knowledge areas and skills I should focus and improve on for my further career as a marketer.



INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 8 June 2015 — 6 August 2015 

This is my first internship experience. I had no idea of what to expect as it was an SME and job scopes varied compared to internship in a corporate. However, I still had numerous opportunities to learn about constituents to a healthy business and participate in projects that are critical in business growth.

Next, I gathered some insights about office dynamics. Being a SME, colleagues know one another well like a family while keeping the efficiency in completing tasks on hand. However, I had also realised things that will upset employees and the overall morale of the team. Yet, the family-like connections between colleagues are what I enjoyed the most and helped me to settle in the new environment.

Overall, I felt that this was an enriching experience where I got to learn and contribute my little insights. The family-like environment without hostility was truly crucial in the learning experience. 



Internship-Person 1

INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 9 March 2015 — 17 April 2015 

I went to GIA as an intern without any knowledge about what the company does, or how does the company work. However, after 6 weeks of internship, I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge about the company as well as the staff working there. During the 6 weeks, I have made use of what I have learnt in school, applying skills such as Google analytics readings and Photoshop. I am also given lots of chances to voice out my opinions and ideas, which I feel it is a great opportunity for me to learn. I have also bonded with the caring and friendly staff working there by going out for lunch and taking small breaks together. These warm interactions have turned my thoughts about the working environment on its heels, as I have always thought of it to be cold and dark.

The encouragement I have gotten from all the staff as well as the boss when they knew that I was bad in studies have propelled me to work hard so that I can aspire to work in companies such as GIA where I feel most comfortable and warm.

Thanks to all the GIA staff who have made my 6 weeks at GIA fun and enjoyable, and I would be sure to try and apply for GIA again if I had the chance.


INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 9 March 2015 — 17 April 2015

Having my first internship, I couldn't have asked for more working at GIA. GIA has a well rounded, holistic work environment that was focused on working with me to help me understand the marine industry as well the inner workings of a SME. The colleagues are friendly and approachable and didn't hesitate to help me out or answer my questions. My supervisor was very patient and understanding in pointing out areas where I can improve on which I felt made my learning much more satisfying.

I really appreciated how everyone treats each other as a second family and that the work given to me felt useful one way or another in benefiting the company.  After spending 6 weeks here, I can honestly say I feel much more prepared for the working world. 


INTERNSHIP PERIOD: 8 Dec 2014 — 20 Feb 2015

My internship at GIA was both fun-filled and enriching. Having the opportunity to be exposed to different aspects of a SME is one of my greatest takeaways of this internship. While applying knowledge learned in school had proved to be insufficient in workplace, I am very glad to have colleagues who were patient towards me, correcting me patiently and giving me valuable advices. Moreover, one of GIA's strength is that it has a very conducive and warm working environment which not only makes work enjoyable, it also enhances the overall efficiency of the company. 

Lastly, a big thank you to all GIA colleagues who made my internship so enriching and memorable!


INTERSNHIP PERIOD : 7 Jan – 4 July 2014

I worked at GIA for the past 6 months as a marketing intern. As my first foray into the working world I did not know what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the family-like atmosphere in the company – the staff were friendly and welcoming, making me feel at ease approaching any of them for help even if they were not my direct supervisor.

At lunchtime, all the staff would head out together, enjoying their break as a whole company. This camaraderie was evident throughout my internship and really warmed my perception of the working world.

While the GIA staff are undoubtedly diligent workers, they also planned various company activities such as bowling so as to unwind together and forge a greater sense of team bondedness in both work and play.

As an SME, the working environment was very open and all the staff alike regularly had meetings with the managing director himself. This greatly reduces bureaucracy and makes GIA much more efficient.

Overall, the strong work ethic, culture and environment at GIA has left a deep impression on me. My internship experience at GIA is a strong motivating factor as I pursue my undergraduate studies in the hope to work in a company such as GIA. 



INTERNSHIP PERIOD : 12 May – 18 July 2014

The working environment at has been one of the most attractive aspects of Goh IGS & Automation (GIA). Its warm and family-like culture made the daily 9-5 routine much more enjoyable. As an intern, I was given ample opportunities to voice my suggestions and learn the ropes of a B2B business. During my three months in GIA, I learnt about the basics of marketing in a real life setting; something that textbooks do not teach you. I witnessed the challenges faced by SMEs and the strategies utilized to keep the business going.

I am thankful for all the opportunities I had to learn as a marketing undergraduate, and also for the people I got to know during this internship.