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A part of Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions AS (WTS), Maritime Protection has 44 years of experience in supplying Inert Gas Systems to marine and offshore industries. Located at Kristiansand – Norway, Maritime Protection specializes in designing, engineering, assembling and testing critical systems. Built in accordance with 1974 SOLAS Convention with latest amendments, their systems fulfil all IMO guidelines. 

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With certified ISO 9001 and DNV, Maritime Protection provides a wide range of high-quality Inert Gas Systems which produce clean and soot-free inert gas. The capacity ranges from 500 m3/h to 28,000 m3/h.

Products supplied by Maritime Protection include:

A. Maritime Protection Inert Gas Generator Systems

HFO/MGO/MDO/Gas fuel generator for inerting tankers

B. Duel Fuel Inert Gas Generator Systems

IGG, dual-fuel-capable of using natural gas or MGO/MDO/HFO as fuel for inerting FPSO/FSU

C. Flex Inert System 

Inert gas generator system combined with exhaust gas from main engine or auxiliary engines to save fuel.

D. Flue-Generator System 

Normal generator + flexinert venturi. Can be operated in 2 modes: 

> Generator Mode

> Flue gas service mode with suction of flue gas from boilers through flex venturi and scrubbing in generator

E. Inert Gas Deck House Module 

Applications are tankers, FPSO, oil barges. All systems and capacities available. 

** Applicable to Product/ Chemical tankers, Offshore vessels like FPSO/FSO, S-Max/A-Max tankers, Shuttle tankers, Petroleum product barges.

F. Dry Inert Gas Generator 

Inerting and drying of cargo tankers, cargo piping and machinery.

Purging of tanks

The dry inert gas generator in fresh air mode:

> Used for aeration of cargo tankers before inspection

> Drying and aeration of hold space

** Applicable to LNG, LPG, FPSU, FLNG

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GIANTECH has been a strong partner of Maritime Protection in the provision of retrofit solutions to FPSOs and other offshore installations in the local market.

GIANTECH is committed to providing the best products to its clients. Maritime Protection’s exceptional ability to build Inert Gas Systems that fulfil all of IMO’s guidelines is a quality which GIANTECH endorses. Moreover, Maritime Protection’s strong reputation and solid foundation in the marine industry are further evidence that it is a reliable brand.

Some Partners of Maritime Protection 

* Shell * STX * Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co Ltd * MTM * Crowley * CSSC * DSME * Statoil * Sevan Marine * Teekay * Samsung Heavy Industries * ConocoPhilips * OSG * MODEC * Bw Offshore * Single Buoy Moorings * Yantai Raffles * Maersk Oil * Petrobas * JMU * Neste Oil  


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