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Kashiwa Inert Gas System

Kashiwa Co., Ltd is a reputable and experienced marine equipment maker based in Japan. Started since 1970, Kashiwa has been manufacturing high quality Inert Gas Systems (IGS) to fulfil shipowners’ and IMO’s requirements. 

Through their strong belief and firm objective to provide durable IGS for the marine industry, they have successfully occupied about 60% of the market share in more than 1,672 tankers worldwide as of 2015. 

With a significant number of their equipments onboard trading vessels worldwide, Kashiwa is determined to provide an accessible after-sales service centre internationally. 

GIANTECH, as a newly engaged service centre of Kashiwa in Singapore, leverages on more than 20 years of IGS and N2 service capability to readily provide service and support to these shipowners and vessels. 

A maker's training session has enhanced GIANTECH's ability to attend to inspection, repair and commissioning jobs for our customers.