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Air Products' N2 Systems

Inert Gas Systems Generators/Air Products

With a strong culture of innovation since its founding in 1940, Air Products has developed superb technology to meet the unique needs of their varied customers worldwide. Dedication to safety and the environment, combined with operational excellence and integrity, has enabled it to build lasting relationships with customers.

Since Air Products and GIANTECH inked a service agreement in 2012, Air Products customers have been able to enjoy convenient service and prompt technical support from GIANTECH here in Singapore.

GIANTECH is the official service agent for Air Products, and both of them are working hand-in-hand to offer professional technical service to ship-owners worldwide. With this strong and reliable relationship, these two have also extended their services to TMC Compressors – an integral part of Air Products’ N2 systems. GIANTECH also markets the Air Products’ N2 system to ship management companies for their marine vessels.

As part of their initiative, GIANTECH offers a Health Check Attendance Service (HCA) to vessels using Air Products’ N2 systems and TMC air compressors. This annual maintenance plan aims to provide regular maintenance checks and prevent unnecessary system downtime. The ultimate aim is to provide quality services, so as to give peace of mind to ship managers.

GIANTECH Provides:

  • Maintenance & Repair Service
  • Dry Dock Service
  • Health Check Attendance Service
  • Spare Parts Supplies 
  • NEW Service Scope : Heater Repair
    • Heater low insulation repair.
    • Heater element replacement.