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Founded in 1952, Pres-Vac Engineering is the world’s leading supplier of high-velocity pressure/vacuum valves. With customers from all over the world, it has been supplying pressure vacuum valves and venting equipment to shipyards, naval architects and other partners on all continents.

GIA is proud to be the Official Service & Repair Centre (SRC) for Pres-Vac Engineering APS (as of 14th Feb 2011). At GIA, we have trained and certified engineers who specialize in the service and repair of Pres-Vac PV valves. Our engineers also have the experience and competence to fully service such valves, including carrying out overhauling according to Pres-Vac specifications.

Furthermore, GIA has the facilities required to undertake the official leak test for Pres-Vac PV valves for customers who require such certification. GIA also stocks and sells Pres-Vac PV valves. (see link)

With the integration of GIA’s reliable service and Pres-Vac’s product innovation and quality, we are confident in providing our customers the best service and equipment to ensure the safe voyage of their tankers.

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