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Kashiwa N2/ IG/ PSA

Kashiwa Co., Ltd is a reputable and experienced marine equipment maker based in Japan. Started since 1970, Kashiwa has been manufacturing high quality Inert Gas Systems (IGS) to fulfil shipowners’ and IMO’s requirements.

Through their strong belief and firm objective to provide durable IGS for the marine industry, they have successfully occupied about 60% of the market share in more than 1,672 tankers worldwide as of 2015.

KASHIWA Inert Gas System ( IGS ) uses the Venturi Scrubber System to generate clean inert gas. The system is an ideal washed cleaning system that can efficiently remove sulphur and dust.


This IGS system has an advanced corrosion control design comprising corrosion resistant steel, special paint and rubber lining.

The 2nd major equipment, Kashiwa Nitrogen Gas Generator System, supplies extremely clean inert gas to prevent explosion in vessel cargo tanks. In collaboration with MEDAL, L.P (USA) and other membrane manufacturers, Kashiwa can supply systems of various capacity to match the flag and class requirements of different vessels.


Besides, Kashiwa also supplies Marine PSA Nitrogen Generator in conjunction with KURAREY Chemical Co., Ltd.

Working together with Kashiwa, GIANTECH can also supply Kashiwa spare parts to vessels trading in Singapore, Malaysia, India and even worldwide.