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Test Rig

Test Rig is a plug-and-play device that provides pressure or vacuum reading to your PV Valves onboard. It is used to verify the set-pressure after maintenance , and to check for and measure leakages. 

Pres-Vac offers 2 types of Test-rig to cater different types of PV Valves


Test Rig Ship 

* Designed to test finished P/V va;ves up to a size of DN 150

* Affordable and useful during Dry dock and testing of valves

* Assure correct opening pressure of Pres-Vac P/V valves

* Can be used to test leakage rate if equipped with additional air pressure tank.

* Easy for storage and mobility. 




 Test Rig TR 

* Compact unit able to measure set-pressures on P/V valves with digital high precision instruments. 

* Digitally operated

* Set pressure verification

* Leakage rate measurement

* Easy operation 

* Relaible, high quality instrumentation

* Easy calibration and precise readings

* ISM relevant