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A creation and collaboration between major marine service providers, GT Review is populated with engineering, education, and review articles to offer valuable, on-demand knowledge to players in the marine industry. Our content includes marine equipment insights, life-cycle management strategies, and easy to understand technical perspectives to assist ship crew, engineers, and managers in making the best possible decisions.

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Adel Lee

Adel is Giantech’s Technology & Engineering Writer Intern working on illustrated guides and articles on Marine Technology. She studies Mechanical Engineering as her major and combines her passion with art to communicate the technological side of the Marine Industry on Giantech Review.

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Anika Agarwal

Anika was a Data Structure & Analyst and Technology & Engineering Writer Intern at GIANTECH. Alongside writing content for the GT Review, she created and implemented a new structure for the page. In addition to this, she also worked on automation and data side tasks.

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Bryan Kwa

Bryan was a Technology & Engineering Writer (Intern) at GIANTECH in the summer of 2020. Working with a team of engineers, Bryan created written content that positions GIANTECH as the authoritative voice in the marine equipment industry. Together with the Managing Director of GIANTECH, Bryan conceptualized the editorial direction of GIANTECH Review.

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Dilong Goh

Dilong Goh is the Managing Director at GIANTECH, taking up the position in 2004. As GIANTECH’s head, Dilong, with his ambitious business direction, strategic thinking, and guidance, has played a significant role in establishing GIANTECH as the leading marine service provider it is today.

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Jaymee Justiniano

Jaymee is a Project Management Intern at GIANTECH. As an Operations & Supply Chain major, she is passionate about process optimisation and disruptive innovations in the marine industry. Her contributions are helping GIANTECH become the thought leader for marine solutions.

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Justin Si

Justin Si is a Marine Service Engineer at GIANTECH whose specialties include Inert Gas Systems and Incinerators. Since joining the company in 2019, Si has made significant contributions to GIANTECH’s services, such as in automation and refractory areas.

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Lim Sze Jia

Lim Sze Jia is a Marine Service Engineer at GIANTECH who specialises in Inert Gas Generators, Nitrogen Generators, and Pressure Vacuum Valves. Working at GIANTECH from 2011, Lim has made indispensable contributions to the engineering behind GIANTECH’s service processes and product design.

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Michael Brecker

Michael Brecker is the President of Instruments & Controls, Inc. (ICI) and the co-founder of GIANTECH. He specialises in the design, manufacture, repair, and installation of many systems including diesel engine automation and monitoring systems, boiler burner management systems, and control valve repairs for both marine and land-based industries. His expertise has earned him a reputable position, making him one of the leading opinion makers in the industry. 

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